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We adapt the tool to perfectly fit your production

Production of tools

The production of high-precision quality tools places heavy demands on both skills and production equipment.
At Sønderborg Værktøjsfabrik A/S we are mindful of making wise investment decisions based on experience, whether we are talking about equipment or people. For many years, we have therefore collaborated with the very best machinery suppliers, e.g. Röders and Agie. They supply the technology and service that benefit our customers in the form of precision, repetition accuracy, usefulness and service.

The best quality may be expensive but is necessary in the global market, where there is a demand for top quality products and reliability of supply. We offer highly skilled employees and ultramodern automated production equipment operating 24/7 under constant monitoring.

The right production environment
At Sønderborg Værktøjsfabrik A/S customers experience a unique production environment in terms of cleanliness and tidiness. This is part of our DNA and something we are proud of and pay attention to.

  • Air change rates, temperature and humidity are monitored and kept constant year-round.
  • We regularly monitor and check lubricants and ancillary materials.
  • Raw materials and other supplies are checked upon arrival.
  • Daily routines, controls and optimised work processes assure the high quality of our end products.

All departments carry out their own control before the goods they have produced continue to the next link in the production chain. This control function is based on internal procedures and specific customer requirements, e.g. steel measurements. Once the tool has been assembled in the assembly department, a final control is performed, and an inspection report issued before the tool proceeds to the Test Centre for function tests.