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We create value by

collaborating throughout

the entire process

The process

Development and design

Control of the entire development process guarantees that all activities support your business.

Test and commissioning

We perform detailed ongoing quality control of all steps in the production process.

Documentation and service

All our customers benefit from complete confidentiality and protection of sensitive data.

Update: Still good growth in the medico industry >>

Our specialist knowledge benefits the customers

Manufacturing tools for injection moulding is much more than just good craftsmanship. The requirements to precision and accuracy are so great that only the very best is good enough.

Therefore, Sønderborg Værktøjsfabrik A/S endeavours to be much more than just a tool supplier.

We bring in-depth knowledge of the industry and professionalism to every development process, and thanks to our ultramodern, high-tech equipment, we can create solutions that work and create value.

The medical device industry

Sønderborg Værktøjsfabrik A/S’s focus area is the medical device industry.

We know what it takes, and we take pride in supplying high-quality tools for an industry where the end user’s quality of life may depend on the precision and reliability of the tools.

We thoroughly test all tools at our test centre before delivery, making sure that any defects or teething problems have been attended to before the tools are delivered to the customers.



This is how we work

At Sønderborg Værktøjsfabrik A/S it is our goal to be a value-adding partner, who collaborates with our customers throughout the entire product development project:

  • idea generation
  • construction of drawings
  • prototype and tool manufacturing
  • test and quality control
  • final delivery
  • test and maintenance

In this way, we can help optimize products and processes so that you can achieve your goals of high quality and performance. This means you can also reduce your project and production costs while minimizing your risks of costly production downtime.

From development to finished product

1. Planning

Control of the entire development process guarantees that all activities support your strategies and goals.

2. Development

Our extensive experience with development and design of tools for medical device components benefits our customers in both existing and new products.

We develop and optimise our production equipment on an ongoing basis in collaboration with some of the world’s leading companies in the medical device industry. As a result, we are able to supply quality tools tailored to meet our customers’ extremely high standards.

3. Design and construction

Tools are designed using Unigraphics 3D. We also prepare a detailed development plan with fixed milestones, tests and accountability. By taking charge of the development process we also master the final optimisation, operation and servicing of the finished tool.

4. Tool manufacturing

The choice of materials and molding processes will often have a significant effect on the final result. This is why our customers in the medical industry harvest significant advantages by drawing on the newest information in our field of expertise.

During product development we contribute with more than 40 years’ experience within tool design and production.

5. Test and commissioning

Finished products are put through a ‘live’ test at our own test facilities. By testing the tool under production conditions similar to yours, we make sure that they will pass the test of real life.

6. Documentation

Our tools are made to meet the individual customer’s needs and wishes. This applies to all relevant parties within the customer’s organisation, and the tools are therefore supported by technical descriptions and drawings as well as service and user instructions that meet all the requirements of the Machinery Directive.

Number of employees

Number of cavities produced per year

IMM from 50–420 tonnes

Represented on four continents